SPLIT w/ Takanakuy

by Triumph Over Shipwreck

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Split with our good friends in Takanakuy, www.facebook.com/takanakuyband.


released June 16, 2015

All music written and performed by Triumph Over Shipwreck. Recorded, Mixed by Corey Godlewski via Valor Studio, El Paso, Texas.
Mastered by Brad Boatright via AUDIOSIEGE.



all rights reserved


Triumph Over Shipwreck. El Paso, Texas

4 dudes from El Paso, Texas.
Forever, Ending.

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Instagram: Triumphovershipwreck
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Track Name: Triumph Over Shipwreck - Dethroned
I may not believe

But I pray this rope snaps to land on my feet

Once you feel defeat

I want this death

When I wake up in a cold sweat hope my hands aren't around your


Wrapped around your neck

About to end this

Wrapped around your neck

I know how much you hate this

I know how much you hurt

(walk around with my eyes shut )

But you fucking deserve it [to]

Walk around with my eyes shut to stay blinded in a world that we

all fucking know hates us

Day by day my head hangs

Pointed at the ground where you lay

Side by side with death

With your crown

Track Name: Triumph Over Shipwreck - Shallow World
Shallow World

This must be it

Not a peaceful place we live in

But cut the selfish, losing faith, left with all the anger

Remove the sin and all the crimes of hate what do we have left

We have nothing nothing nothing

They say in death comes peace

I count my days before yours

Because I feel I deserve it most

But don't we all?

We have nothing left

Ruining The Best Things For The Worst People

Ruining The Best Things For The Worst People

Alone(alone) Worthless(worthless) Hopeless(hopeless)

We're all so fucking lost

Alone and worthless

This is what I deserve

The pressure of depression, fucking weighing me down

Sick of it, Sick of my friends

What do we have left?

There is nothing worth fighting for

And to think this is what I wanted

Selfishness got me what I needed

Alone worthless hopeless

Welcome to the shallow world
Track Name: Triumph Over Shipwreck - Nothing Left
In my head I torture myself

Killed myself a thousand times more

Ignorance comes at its own price

Break the ground where I would fit it

This hollow ground where I am

To face my death with no escape

To scream for help

The open ground where I fit in

This is where I will spend my last days

My eternal rest my eternal sleep

Not the cement where I lay my head

Not the cracks in the pavement where I fled

Buried Decayed

Lifeless Wasting Away

There is Nothing Left