LIVE SET 11​.​17​.​11

by Triumph Over Shipwreck.

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Live set from our Albuquerque show on November 17


released November 17, 2011

Thanks to Andre for recording our live set!



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Triumph Over Shipwreck. El Paso, Texas

4 dudes from El Paso, Texas.
Forever, Ending.

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Track Name: Word Distortion. LIVE
I am forgetting my past , my present, and my future. Its all been crumbling right before my eyes. This has been meaningless and the deception has been my only friend. Who knows what these idle hands will do when given the chance to kill. An itchy trigger finger pointed at the temple, of the ones that you've loved this has been meaningless. This has been a long drawn out process, you've had me fooled and this one is for revenge. THERE IS NO HOPE!!!!
Track Name: Fatal Familial. LIVE
Deep asleep a voice calls my name. Eyes wide awake, nothing but pitch black. Insecurities. Insecurities are yelled out but are never heard. The love of fiction seems to fade. All life sets off on alarm . Fingers pushed to the back of these eye sockets, fingers pushed to the back of these eye sockets. Lack of sleep isn't very motivating . Mindless to the world , heartless for another day. Lifeless in my surroundings, breathless in this box. I am stuck. Important books are never read but skipped. Life reflects through burst of scratches. Depression reveals all expressions, depression reveals all the expressions. Heaving. Loathing. Too bad we're fucked. Depression reveals all expressions. A distance of walking can only be resolved with just one step . Heaving, heaving, heaving, heaving. Loathing, loathing, loathing, loathing. A prisoner incapable , to this world. You're calling out a nameless name. Cutting the fingers of intellect. You're deceiving beauty lures me in. You're fucking cruel. Depression calling your face out. I am in need of saving.
Track Name: Still Screaming. LIVE
Still screaming, trapped inside these four corners. This is the worst he's ever been. Feeling. Feeling poisoned down and out, and now. No where to run now his head spins. He painfully swallows these pills to stop the room from spinning around him. Like a sleepless tornado. Eyes closed, throat tight. They are no words for this feeling. The addiction is and will always be his savior. Giving up on all hope, chasing that feeling. Rushing , searching, digging until the flesh peels off his hands. Face like death, face like death. The man in black waits at the front door. The man in black waits at the door, the man in black waits at the door. Begging, begging for a new beginning. A not so forgiving past following him like a ghost. He's finally at the end of the road. Where to run now, where to turn . LOST. You're fucking lost. Your prayers upon false wings has taken you no where. You're counting the wrong blessings....